Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yarnage update!

I am officially a busy busy lady with lotso projects!!!!
1. a special project for someone (ALMOST DONE!!!)
2. another special project for a special baby coming soon (AS SOON as I get the yarn ill finish it)
3. DH double 3ply blanket
4. Hat for my Grandma
5. First attempt at a ripple blanket (for my lil man)
6. Trying to decide how to design MY blanket (have the yarn just not sure how to do it yet)
7. Linus Project 1! (Gotta get the yarn.. but actively planning in my head)

I am always crocheting in spare time! It gives me something to do.. everyone may make fun of me... but they sure dont seem to mind asking or receiving a blanket! So HUSH YOU MOUTHS .. do what your mama said.. IF YA AINT GOT NOTHING NICE TO SAY DONT SAY NOTHING AT ALL!

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