Monday, April 25, 2011

Yay for beanies!!!

My first order was beanies..and I am very proud of them!!!
As you can see we have a BROWN bear hat and a BLACK kitty hat... 

Fuzzy white bear with BIG ears! 0-6 months

This was a new pattern I tried.. to make it stretchy... 0-6 months.. black fuzzy kitty! 

Friday, April 8, 2011


Amigurumi !!!!!
Thanks to Theresa on Youtube! I made my first bear! It aint the best lol.. but it is GOOD.. and will only get better!!!!!!
Jayden has claimed it as his... I think ill let him play with it for a bit then I am going to put it up for safe keeping!

Jayden just informed me... he needs a PEEDOE (blanket.. dont ask) lol So im assuming he is wanting me to make him one?!?! Oh goodness! 

Busy busy mama!

I started selling my stuff.... I guess I better update my blog (not that anyone really reads it!!!) lol

I make these CUTE little headband bows... they look silly on Kaityln cause she has thin invisible blonde hair! But  they are ADORABLE on me and my niece.

The last one is my fav because it is a different smoother yarn.. it makes the color pop!!!