Monday, February 7, 2011

New years resolution? To late? I THINK NOT!

The Lord has put 1 word on my heart, CHARITY, what can I do for others....? Its hard to do a lot of things with the kids and school and no child care, so I searched, and searched, and today it hit me!

Project Linus & Snuggle Project

I plan to donate throughout the year, my goal is......

3 blankets by the end of the year for Project Linus
50 snuggles by the end of the year

This is what I have in mind, and I am going to set myself to do it! Hopefully I am able to do more! If you would like to donate granny squares for Project Linus or yarn, let me know! I am happy to include whatever if given!

Yarn or snuggles is also ok to send me to donate!!!!!!

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