Friday, February 4, 2011

Doily Adventures!

Anyone who has done doilies knows these are pretty small... about 2-3 inches! But I was just 1. practicing, 2. experimenting with design and 3. experimenting with color... See I bought 1 ball of size 10 cotton, and a size 7 boye steel needle. I wanted to make a bookmark for a very special friend but I wanted to practice first, the first picture, I made that design up (just goofing around) and the second, I got from a lady who makes videos on the internet. Now how did I come up with the colors considering I only had 1 ball of yarn?!?!? Well food coloring and water make a big difference .. hehe.. (always thinking creative) ! My book mark was suppose to be blue, but! there was a little to much pink in the mix and the bottom turned purple... so its now multicolored, and the cross is a faint purple... cant wait to try something new... I am thinking of making a bookmark out of the start stitch, Who knows!!!! I want to try pineapples but I havent found a design I like.. any suggestions?

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