Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011

I have found my new hobby!!! CROCHETINIG!!! Some think its boring, however I LOVE it.... I will admit... IM ADDICTED!!!! I have many projects going at once because I get bored easily.. this way I have LOTS to do!!! I am going to use this blog to nothing but talk about my crocheting!!

Yesterday I free handed a headband with a heart on it for Kaitlyn, and a hat for her. The day before I made my very first anything.. a beanie for Stephen... YES I KNOW he looks funny in the picture.. he begged for the beanie.. but by the time it was done I had to wake him up to try it on at midnight!!! So he was tired and not really workin with me!!!!

Right now I am working on a Spider and Web throw, pot holders, and little hearts and flowers (still trying to master those~!)

We will see what comes up next!!!!

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